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2018 SMART Resolutions

BuzzFeed right now has dozens of articles about New Year’s Resolutions. How to make them, what they should be about, quizzes to build a house and they’ll choose one for you, that sort of thing. I was talking about it with a friend and realized I have never actually done it. I’m sure I must have as part of a school assignment but never seriously.

At work, we have to write yearly SMART* goals in order to measure performance. It’s a counter-intuitive exercise in the Public Sector. In the Private Sector, you can usually pick up more work as the year goes on or create projects for yourself to expand your skillset if you find yourself in a lull. In the Public Sector, due to the way contracts are awarded and transparency required, you must pitch all of your projects at the beginning of the year to have funding in the next year. If you don’t know what you’ll be working on that year, it’s difficult to make goals.

In any case, I’ve been doing it for so long now that I have gotten decent at it. Then I realized the obvious that it’s basically a New Years Resolution that’s directly tied to your Performance Reviews.

I also realized that the purpose of a Resolution shouldn’t be to make me a better person, because if the news of 2017 has taught me anything, I’m pretty ahead of the game as far as not being an asshole. They should be things I can complete. That will make me feel better and more accomplished. Things that will make my life easier and get me back to where I was before things happened. Things I can basically enter into a ticket system to manage and track. Not that I have one. But I can make one.

So, I present to you, my 2018 SMART Resolutions.


Clean First Floor

My parents have been travelling overseas a lot since they retired, and the common rooms have been in shambles since then. If you have any family in Asia, you know how it is. ‘OH, SINCE YOU’RE GOING, CAN YOU ALSO TAKE THESE THIRTY-FIVE SUITCASES?’ Yeah. That.

Reclaim Office

See Previous Resolution. Basically, my home office has been turned into storage. I would like a desk behind a door to do podcasts and video calls and play Coming Out on Top so I don’t need to do these things at the kitchen table. It gets awkward.

Laundry Complete

I have so much laundry. And only so much energy during the weekend to do maybe a load if I can force myself. My husband will do the laundry if I sort it, fold it, and put it away. Which is like 2/3 of the work. One day I will have my laundry clean, folded, and stashed. It will be glorious and clean smelling.


Get New Job

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I enjoy the people I work with and the projects I have. The Public Sector has one horrendous failing: It doesn’t pay like Private and kids are expensive AF. And, I have two boys who enjoy breaking things.

Do a STEM mentorship

This is one of those things I used to do all the time, but I’ve moved away from since kids ate up my schedule. But they’re old enough now to amuse themselves for a couple hours before getting all destructive so now I can go back to it.

Write 12k words in Career/Tech Blog

My industry blog Amy Codes is still a thing! Please check it out. I’ve neglected it but I still have a ton more stories to tell. 12k words is about four pages a month. Either one short post a week, two medium posts, or one long-ish post. Either way, I can do that.


Better Asthma Management

In the fall of 2016, I got sick for nearly six weeks. Kids are germ factories. It aggravated my allergies and asthma to the point where OTCs don’t work anymore. I got a nice, expensive cocktail of corticosteroids. Then I tried to re-up them and had to think long and hard breathing was worth $300. It is not. Of course, that’s dumb. After some research, I picked out the ones I needed which turned out to be closer to $25. So yeah, this year, I plan to breathe.

Get Back fixed

I threw out my back a few months ago. I haven’t had time to get it fixed, but now it’s unbearable and I should get on that.

Better Hygiene/Self-care Routine

Up front, a bunch of bad things happened this year, mostly tied up in needed more money and that multiple relatives died. I let a lot of things go. I barely manage, but I need to do better, or I’ll be stuck going to the doctor for way more than what I’m doing now.

Personal Time

Complete 1 Project

I have a literal project matrix of products I want to build. I need to launch at least one this year or the list will never get smaller.

Run 1 Game

I used to game a lot. Video games. Table top. But you drift away and whatever. I want to get back into that, and there are way more tools these days to make that viable.

Write 12k in Fictional Works

I have a few books I’m writing and during the summer I burnt out about twice that. It’s very feasible to do, but the holidays are always a bear for me. For instance, another funeral around Thanksgiving/Christmas. I want to at least write the next arc in any of the stories I wrote. That should be about 12k words? Again, four pages a month is very feasible.

There you have it. 12 New Years Resolutions that are all feasible devoted to getting me back to where I was.

I can do it. Wish me luck!

P.S. This obviously doesn’t count towards a Word Count Resolution. That feels a lot like cheating.



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