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Resolution Update: January 2018

Well a month and change has gone by, and what are resolutions without some sort of update?


Clean First Floor
Reclaim Office
Laundry Complete

Yeah, none of that is happening. Short answer is that I’m moving house which will by default handle all of those, right? Except the laundry part. I still need to do that. More news on this later.


Get New Job

I’m very excited about this! I have news, which I cannot publish right now but I definitely will next week.

Do a STEM mentorship

I am currently mentoring a team of High Schoolers as part of Technovation Challenge. So check that off!

Write 12k words in Career/Tech Blog

You would think I would have done something with this in the first month of the year. But I haven’t. I will. I have things queued up for this month, I promise.


Better Asthma Management

I’m back on Singulair, which with the intensity of my allergies is only making me manageable about 65% of the time. It’s not great. Sometimes I supplement with Claritin but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Get Back fixed

I got it fixed! Two acupressure treatments later, and I felt absolutely perfect. Then my kids jumped on me and ruined me again. It’s not immobilizing, yet, but it is stiff.

Better Hygiene/Self-care Routine

I am so stressed out guys, so I failed miserably on this. But Self-Care is a marathon, not a sprint. I still have 11 months left to try to figure out a system that works for me, not to mention getting my stress level under control so I am actually motivated to take care of myself.

Personal Time

Complete 1 Project

Nope, no time this month.

Run 1 Game

Same, though I’m considering making one based on my Youkai universe.

Write 12k in Fictional Works

I DID WRITE. I did. Deep in my Google Drive hides 1221 words of new fiction. 10% isn’t bad.

So that’s that. I think all things considered I did pretty decently. If anything, I’m definitely headed in the right direction.


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